About Me

I’m Mark Herman

I’m a coach who helps people do better and be happier!

Together we’ll find out whats important to you, make it real with small real-world steps and get the results you want.

Helping people work towards a better tomorrow is both a job and something of a life’s calling for me.

It has taken me a lot of living and work to come up with my unique ‘make it real’ approach.

Curious? Want to know more?
Watch and know in under 3 mins!

It’s a simple, practical way...

All about knowing yourself and what you want.
Doing small, easy steps to make it happen.
And really building skills and growing yourself for the future.

I truly believe in this way and follow it every day in my own life. And, yes, I’m still on my own journey of improvement and learning and always will be!

I hope you’re curious and want to take the next step to find out a bit more!

You can setup a free call here or get in touch by phone or email here.


I enable

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I’ve done a lot in my lifetime (so far!) of becoming the coach I am today.

I’ve been a journalist, cook, techie, senior manager and start-up entrepreneur.

Reinventing myself keeps it fresh and interesting for me! Also, I keep learning and growing.

I can help you with shortcuts, experience and advice to do your stuff easier, faster and with more success.


  • Accredited Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching, PSG
  • Professional Coaching Practice & Ethics Certification, QQI
  • Train the Trainer Certificate, QQI
  • Professional Scrum Master Coach, Scrum.org
  • Plus a very special certificate no other coach has.

along with many more in different areas.


I inspire

I believe in possibilities
and life-long learning.

Just like you, maybe?

We are life and energy.
We can do or be anything we want,
if it is important enough to us.

Let’s go somewhere great together!

My Story

I’ve lived a bit.

I know life brings it all:
good, bad and many in-betweens.

I’ve experienced or been close to lots of big life events.

Career change
Mental Health

Relationship issues
Mid-life slump
Terminal illness

Money issues
Self improvement

I know all our experiences are different and yours won’t be exactly like mine.

But having “been there” myself bring a deeper understanding and empathy that helps us work better together.

And that’s important and valuable.

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The fun bit where work and life meet!

Here are a few photos which I hope will give you an idea of what I’m like, about and into, both in my work and bigger life…

A good fit for you maybe? Get in touch and let’s see where it goes!