Grow and reward your people

With our unique work and life enhancing workshops and coaching


Our in-company workshops are all about helping your employees do better, in both their work and their bigger lives.

Because when they do better, your company does better too!

Our workshops are different and better as they’re…

  • High quality, different and actually enjoyable!
  • Based in the real-world, including our affordable pricing.
  • Proven to give demonstrable benefit and a strong ROI.

Get Money Fit

Get Money Fit is a short series of workshops to guide your people in doing better with money.

Help them have more money, be in better control of it and get more happiness from it.

Your company will benefit from reduced expectation in pay reviews, lower staff churn, higher presence and productivity, along with other valuable upsides.

Your Retirement Starts Here

Your Retirement Starts Here is a course that helps your people prepare for their transition out of the workforce and into the rest of their lives!

In this workshop, we’ll explore the past, present and future of their work and overall life, to share, learn and grow together.

Drive continued and better engagement while the employee is still working and support a smooth move into a happy and healthy retired life.


Help your people and company do better with Make It Real coaching.

I offer coaching programmes customised to your company’s exact needs.

Coaching may be on work-related topics with the company as a stakeholder.

Alternatively, your company may wish to provide life coaching as part of your benefits package or employee assistance programme.

We’d love to hear where its at for you and how we can help!