Get Money Fit

In just 1 month your people can do better in their money, life and work!

Get Money Fit is a short series of workshops which helps your employees to have more money, be in better control of it and get more happiness from it. 

And with nearly 60% of employees saying they are worried about their money situation*, your organisation will get valuable benefits including:

  • Reduced pay rise expectations
  • Greater employee loyalty and lower churn
  • More present, motivated people

* Source: PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey 2019

This is course is different!

It’s practical, built on coaching and is all about real change. So forget dry lectures, and bundles of notes that are never looked at again!

Participants make real, valuable improvements together and build good habits by following simple, easy exercises towards financial fitness.

Course Details

Get Money Fit comprises four high quality, interactive workshops of 90 minutes each, held over a month.

Most learning takes place online and in the employee’s own time. Kick-off and wrap sessions are held at your workplace.

It’ll be zero hassle or disruption for you – we’ll agree how you want it to work and I’ll make sure it happens just like that.

All our courses can be customised to your exact needs. Just get in touch to chat through what’s needed and we’ll take care of it!

Our unique approach gives valuable, real-world improvements

Simple and clear

We do the “must know” stuff in just the right level of detail needed to take action.

Topics like pensions in 20 minutes online, with a takeaway worksheet ready to take action!

Life as well as money

We look at it all!

Once you’re clear what’s really important to you, good money choices and strong motivation happen naturally.


We learn best by working with others and sharing experiences.

We know exactly where the line is to get these benefits, while respecting everyone’s privacy on their private money matters.

Get Money Fit in 5 easy steps!

  1. See your current money picture and make quick, valuable fixes.
  1. Learn about the ‘Eight Pillars to be Money Fit’, like saving, pension, insurance, mortgage and more.
  1. Write your own future money story to get the things they really want.
  1. Set great goals and make them real, with motivation tools, tips and support.
  1. Start to build on your success with money towards a better, more focussed way of life!

In just 1 month your people will be doing better with their money, life and work!

Happy Learners & Sponsors

Great feedback from course participants

Highly recommended…really snappy, clear and concise.

Got me into a great frame of mind to stop spending willy-nilly and to start thinking

– Liz F

I really enjoyed this…it came at the perfect time and has really opened my eyes to my options

– Frances R

The time flew! There was a really nice camaraderie and atmosphere in the group

– Kathy M

Great activities, engagement and energy. A brilliant experience!

– Ray K

8 Great Reasons To Run This Course

Get Money Fit benefits your organisation in many valuable ways:

  1. Reduced need and expectation in pay reviews as employees have more money and get more value from it.
  1. Lower churn rate as employees have more money and are less likely to move company for marginal pay increases.
  1. Higher productivity and better presence in work as employees are less distracted and stressed by money problems.
  1. Increased uptake of employee benefit initiatives such as pension, health insurance, life assurance.
  1. Fewer HR & Accounting queries as employees better understand their payslip, tax treatment, deductions like BIK on health insurance etc.
  1. Greater engagement by employees in their role, company and career as they clearly see how work delivers on their new money and life roadmap.
  1. Greater goodwill and loyalty from employees towards the organisation due to its awareness of a key issue affecting them and the investment it has made in their financial well-being and future.
  1. Reduced liability risk as, unlike other offerings, this course is independently offered and does not involve any product sales or referrals to employees.

If you need to prepare a proposal to justify running Get Money Fit, I can help! Just get in touch.

Let’s Work Together!

Running Get Money Fit in your organisation gives you:

  • Up to 15 participant places on the course.
  • 4 x 90 minute workshops

Sessions 1 & 4 held in your workplace.
You may wish to schedule these for company lunchtime to minimise work downtime.

Sessions 2 & 3 held online.
Held on a weekday evening. Employees securely logs into Zoom ( on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • All training resources, takeaway sheets and online training facilities.
  • Brief summary report detailing course run, engagement, observations.

Cost: €1,100

Invoiced to your company

All our courses can be customised to your exact needs.
Additional services such as dedicated 1 to 1 money coaching are also available.