Get Money Fit

Get Money Fit

Easy simple steps to have more and get more from it

Want to save more, but your money just seems to disappear?

Are you puzzled by pensions?

Muddled up on mortgages?

Would you like to have more money and get more from it?

Get Money Fit is for you!

Its practical, fun and there’s something for everyone in the audience…

From people in their 20s or 30s thinking of settling down, but bamboozled by pensions, mortgages and kids.

Through all the money squeezes and balancing of middle-age life, right up to older people and the money changes retirement brings.

New for Autumn 2020, we’ll be doing half of the course sessions live online, so you don’t even need to leave home!

Plus, we’ll be taking a special look at how to recover from the financial impact of Covid 19.

Simple and clear

Learn the big picture stuff and the “must know” facts at just the right level of detail.

Topics like Savings, Pensions, Mortgages and more in 30 mins each, with takeaway worksheets.

All about you

We focus on the practical things that work for you in your life.

This is real-world stuff.

Can your humble fridge maybe help you reach your money goals?!

Not just money…life!

We look at it all.

Once you’re clear what’s really important to you, good money choices and strong motivation just flow!


We learn best by working with others and sharing experiences.

We know exactly where the line is to get these benefits, while respecting everyone’s privacy on their personal money matters.

5 Easy Steps to Money Fitness

Here’s how you’ll get money fit…

  1. Find out where your money is going and make quick, valuable fixes.
  1. Learn the 8 Pillars To Being Money Fit including Savings, Pensions, Mortgages, Insurance and much more.
  1. Write your own Future Money Story of what you want and a plan to get it.
  1. Set money goals that matter and reach them, with valuable tips, support and motivation.
  1. Start to build on your success with money to move towards a better, happier life!

Just weeks from now, you’ll be doing so much better with your money!

You’ll get more money, by spending and saving smarter.

More control by understanding and making great choices.

And more happiness by knowing and getting what matters to you.

Happy People Who Got Money Fit!

Check out our great feedback…

Highly recommended…really snappy, clear and concise.

Got me into a great frame of mind to stop spending willy-nilly and to start thinking

– Liz F

I really enjoyed this…it came at the perfect time and has really opened my eyes to my options

– Frances R

The time flew! There was a really nice camaraderie and atmosphere in the group

– Kathy M

Great activities, engagement and energy. A brilliant experience!

– Ray K

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Find A Course

*** Get Money Fit courses – Autumn 2020 ***

  • Malahide Community School, Co. Dublin
    Tuesday evenings, 7.30pm – 9.00pm
    6 weeks (3 held in-person, 3 held online)
    Starts Tue 6th October, 2020.

(A remote option allowing learners to participate from home via an in-class webcam broadcast is also available).

  • People’s College, Dublin City Centre
    Saturday mornings, 11.00am – 1.15pm
    5 weeks (3 held in-person, 2 held online)
    Starts Sat 17th October, 2020.

Important Covid-19 update:

Please note that all courses will be subject to any health & safety and operational requirements which may arise due to the on-going Covid-19 situation.

That said, the organisation(s) above have put measures in place to adhere to Government standards regarding Covid-19. Tutors have been briefed and courses will be run to ensure the safety of everyone involved. (Please refer to the websites linked above for further details).

Contingency measures have also been put in-place aimed at allowing learners to continue attending courses remotely using online classrooms, should new local or national lockdown(s) occur.

* Also please note that all courses are subject to minimum numbers enrolling.

If you’d like to run Get Money Fit in your company, group or any other organisation, please get in touch.