Get Money Fit

Get Money Fit

Sort your money, save more and never be hanging on for payday again

* Does your money just seem to disappear and you don’t know where?

* Do you find money stuff just too complicated and full of jargon?

* Do you think “I’m just not good with money” and that will never change?

* Could that “some day…” you always said you’d sort out your money, be today?

Getting good with money’s easy!

In just 5 short weeks, you’ll have your money sorted for once and for all.

This is for everyone…

From younger people who want to start on the right foot. Through the money squeezes of middle-age. Right up to older people and the money changes of retirement.

Here’s how you’ll do it!

Easy, simple steps…

  1. Sort your money and actually start feeling good about it!
  1. Spend less and save more, so you have money for what really matters.
  1. Learn the 7 Pillars To Being Money Fit! Saving, borrowing, pension, mortgage and more.

    Simple and in plain English. Guaranteed 100% free of jargon and sales pitch.
  1. Write your own Future Money Story.

    Get clear on what you want, plan how to get it and get started. Nice and easy.
  1. Discover the magic of why this really works and can change your life.

    Spoiler: Being part of it each week, with nice people just like you, all with the same goal, is highly motivating!

Simple and clear

Learn just the “must know” stuff. Topics like Savings, Pensions, Mortgages and more in 15 mins each.

Plus a takeaway worksheet to get you kickstarted!

All about you

Practical things that work for you in your life.

This is real-world stuff.

Can your humble fridge maybe help you reach your money goals?!

Not just money…Life!

We look at it all.

Once you’re clear what’s important to you, good money choices and strong motivation just flows!


Learn and grow by working with others and sharing experiences.

We know exactly where the line is to make sure everyone’s privacy is respected.

Friendly People

They make this fun and easy!

Here’s the surprise moment when a virtual birthday cake was produced to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Come along…it’s going to be good craic!

Happy People Who Got Money Fit!

Check out our great feedback…

Highly recommended…really snappy, clear and concise.

Got me into a great frame of mind to stop spending willy-nilly and to start thinking

– Liz F

I really enjoyed this…it came at the perfect time and has really opened my eyes to my options

– Frances R

The time flew! There was a really nice camaraderie and atmosphere in the group

– Kathy M

Great activities, engagement and energy. A brilliant experience!

– Ray K

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Find A Course

*** Get Money Fit – Autumn 2022 ***

  • In-class / live online via Malahide Community School

    Tuesday evenings, 7.30pm – 9.00pm
    5 weeks (3 in-class in Malahide, 2 held live online with Zoom / Google Meet).

    Starts Tuesday 27th September, 2022.

* Also please note that all courses are subject to minimum numbers enrolling.

If you’d like to run Get Money Fit in your organisation, please get in touch.