Happy, Healthy, Retired!

Happy, Healthy, Retired!

Plan your retirement in easy simple steps

Ever really imagine what kind of retirement you would like?

Take a moment…

Doing the things you enjoy most, the satisfaction you’d get. Plenty of good time for yourself and those closest to you. Living well, mind and body, and staying healthy. Enough money to be comfortable. Giving something back, continuing your life’s work or maybe even a new start.

Sounds great, yet most people give more planning to a Summer holiday than they do to their retirement, a big holiday which lasts 25 years or more!

Look again!

Butterfly or snake?

How could you make this the start of a new, exciting phase of your life instead?

Let’s dream…

We’ll be doing lots of imagining!

What would your dream retirement be like?


Know it
See it
Be it!

Tell everyone how your retirement is going to be with your own vision sheet.

And even more importantly…tell yourself!

And make it happen!

Practical, simple and all about you and your retirement.

Explore topics like health, being active, relationships, money and more, with takeaway worksheets.

Happy, Healthy, Retired is for you!

Over 8 sessions, you’ll follow the easy, enjoyable steps to get it:

  • Knowing yourself and what’s important. Spot the good things you want more of and maybe some things you’ll choose to leave behind.
  • Learning how to make it good for you. All about adapting to change, staying active and engaged, getting comfortable in your new shoes, health and staying well, money and pension, good relationships, hobbies, travel, and interests.
  • Exploring with great activities like making a vision sheet of the retirement you want, learning from a guest speaker about their experiences and much more.
  • Planning how to get it – practical and on just one page. And start acting now, easy, and simple, so it’s a welcome pleasure when it comes, not a sudden shock.

Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re one, five or even ten years away. Or maybe you just want to explore options privately, away from your employer. Even if you’re already retired and want more from life, do come along too.

Just like a holiday, your retirement starts the moment you book, so why not sign up now!

Great Courses, Happy People!

Check out our great feedback…

Highly recommended…really snappy, clear and concise.

Got me into a great frame of mind to stop spending willy-nilly and to start thinking

– Liz F

I really enjoyed this…it came at the perfect time and has really opened my eyes to my options

– Frances R

The time flew! There was a really nice camaraderie and atmosphere in the group

– Kathy M

Great activities, engagement and energy. A brilliant experience!

– Ray K

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Find A Course

*** Happy, Healthy, Retired! courses – Autumn 2020 ***

  • Malahide Community School, Co. Dublin
    Thursday evenings, 7.30pm – 9.00pm
    8 weeks, held in-person or join in remotely.
    Starts Thu 8th October, 2020.

(A remote option allowing learners to participate from home via an in-class webcam broadcast is also available).

Important Covid-19 update:

Please note that all courses will be subject to any health & safety and operational requirements which may arise due to the on-going Covid-19 situation.

That said, the organisation(s) above have put measures in place to adhere to Government standards regarding Covid-19. Tutors have been briefed and courses will be run to ensure the safety of everyone involved. (Please refer to the websites linked above for further details).

Contingency measures have also been put in-place aimed at allowing learners to continue attending courses remotely using online classrooms, should new local or national lockdown(s) occur.

* Also please note that all courses are subject to minimum numbers enrolling.

If you’d like to run Happy, Healthy, Retired! in your company, group or any other organisation, please get in touch.