Your Retirement Starts Here

Your Retirement Starts Here

Imagine the happy retirement you want
and take the first enjoyable steps on your way

* Is your retirement getting closer, but you’re still not sure how you’d like it to be?

* Are your friends retired or nearly there, but your head is still stuck in the 9 to 5?

* Will retirement be a sudden shock or could you maybe ease yourself into it gently?

* Would you like to get a clear picture of what you want and see your path to it?

Meet a new you…
the one who’s retired!

In just 5 short weeks, you’ll know the retirement that’s right for you.

Run fully online live into your home, it’s zero hassle and totally safe.

This is for everyone…
If you’re one, five, ten or even more years away. Or maybe you want more than the brief course you get at work. Perhaps you’ve even retired already and want more from it.

Here’s how you’ll do it!

Easy, simple steps…

  1. Explore what’s important to you.

    Spot the things you want more of and maybe stuff to let go. It’s like a pick-and-mix of your life!
  1. Learn how to have a happy, fulfilling retirement.

    All about making the change, getting comfortable in your new shoes, staying active, health, hobbies, travel and more.
  1. Create a fun vision poster to start making it real.

    Go big, colourful, stick up photos and text showing all the great things you’ll enjoy once you get there.
  1. Plan your path to retirement – simple, practical and just one page.

    And take the first small steps towards it.
  1. Look wider and see more.

    Join nice people just like you, hear their experiences and plans and maybe get some fresh ideas yourself!

Look again!

Butterfly or snake?

How could you make this the start of a new, exciting phase of your life instead?

Let’s dream…

We’ll be doing lots of imagining!

What would your dream retirement be like?


Know it
See it
Be it!

Tell everyone how your retirement is going to be with your own vision poster.

And even more importantly…tell yourself!

And make it happen!

Practical, simple and all about you and your retirement.

Explore topics like health, being active, relationships, money and more, with takeaway worksheets.

Friendly people

They make this fun and easy!

Here’s the surprise moment when a virtual birthday cake was produced to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Come along…it’s going to be good craic!

Great Courses, Happy People!

Check out our great feedback…

Highly recommended…really snappy, clear and concise.

Got me into a great frame of mind to stop spending willy-nilly and to start thinking

– Liz F

I really enjoyed this…it came at the perfect time and has really opened my eyes to my options

– Frances R

The time flew! There was a really nice camaraderie and atmosphere in the group

– Kathy M

Great activities, engagement and energy. A brilliant experience!

– Ray K

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*** Your Retirement Starts Here – Autumn 2021 ***

  • In-class / live online via Malahide Community School

    Thursday evenings, 7.30pm – 9.00pm
    5 weeks (3 in-class in Malahide, 2 held live online with Zoom / Google Meet).

    Starts Thursday 23rd September, 2021.

* Also please note that all courses are subject to minimum numbers enrolling.

If you’d like to run Your Retirement Starts Here! in your organisation, please get in touch.